Hi Eric, I have a question about Trazodone.

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I have been having trouble sleeping through the night for over a year. My primary care physician first prescribed Ambien. It did not fix the problem. Then he prescribed Trazadone to help me sleep through the night. I had read that this drug has been used to treat impotence, and as an antidepressent, it has the advantage of not causing impotence. I discontinued it after 2 weeks because it did not seem to help me sleep, and it did have a negative effect on my sex life.

I don’t think it directly effected my interest in sex, but it stopped my physical sensations of sexual desire. I don’t know how else to describe the effect. The drug gave me no unpleasant sensations or feelings other than a few unusually vivid dreams. The effect of a lack of sexual sensations was worrysome because I am already suffering from impotence as a result of a prostatectomy. I really do not want the impotence to get worse. The effects of Trazodone were subtle and complex. When I stopped taking it, within 24 to 48 hours, I felt normal again. What do you experience from this medication? Do you think I may have been imagining those effects?

Depression and Erectile Dysfunction

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Hi All! So, my question, I wanted to see if other guys have experienced erectile dysfunction (ED) due to depression (apart from the expected ED stuff caused by the SSRI’s, etc. — which I am not on) I’m in my mid-30′s and was diagnosed with BiPolar II two years ago — just started taking meds two years ago, and i’m currently on Lamictal, Trazadone and Abilify.

Though I’ve been diagnosed with BiPolar II recently, I’ve probably been depressed most of my life. But, I had a particularly bad episode of depression for four years in my early 20′s (from 18-22 y.o.). Since that time, my erections have never quite been the same (I’ve only started taking meds sildenafil citrate 100 mg the last three years, so i can’t blame it on the meds). I can’t maintain a rigid erection, only with alot of stimulation can i get there, otherwise, it goes to partial erection.

Any guys have a similar experience?

My therapist (whe’s an M.D.) has a theory that due to major depressive episodes, alot of men suffer long-term erectile dysfunction. He said that studies have shown that men experiencing major episodes of depression have low/absent nocturnal erections (“NE”), and these NE are necessary to maintain the smooth muscles in the penis, otherwise penile tissue is compromised. The average male has like 4-6 NE per night lasting approx. 10 minutes. These are necessary for the health of the penis. During my depression I don’t recall having NE or waking up with a morning erection. So, my therapist’s theory sounds right to me. I know since my major depression in early 20′s, I just don’t have the rigid strong erections as I once did.

Does this sound familiar to any of the guys out there? I’m really despondant about this — I just started to focus on my ED stuff the past two years, but I realized I’ve had it since as far back as i remember. I’m sooo depressed about this; feel like i can’t live like this, feel inadequate and broken.

If you have any infomation or insight to add to this, can you please post or email me directly? I’m at ecgnyc at yahoo dot com.


Injections may be an issue on coumadin

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Doc will tell you. For sure, you’re gonna have to hold pressure longer to keep it from bleeding, and forming a hematoma. Have you tried the VED?

Good News!!

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Or I assume, must be no more issues for men with impotence, lol, no postings here for some time. Everyone get it fixed?? Wish it was that easy. Oh, to be 20 again. I just posted on penile implant group about new AMS LGX prosthesis.

I’m sure it does compound the issue

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but it was an issue and I dealt with it by simply asking for a female GP and moving to a different clinic (Which by was 5 minutes away vrs 30).
Its got nothing to do with my age (I’m pushing 50) Its simply a matter of me finding / talking to “a” doctor that I was comfortable with. In my case the male doctor I had didn’t really have a good bedside manner. His attitude was let ME do all the talking and you just do what your told. Part of it was the Gender. Being poked and probed by a male doctor is more twitchy for me then having a female doctor do it.

Your post is great food for thought

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I think my first real problem was more mental then the physical. How can I get diagnosed for my ED problems if I have mental reservations about telling my (male) doctor anything about my sexual failures?

For me it took some friends on support ed partners saying “If the problem is the doctor get a different doctor” and while the doctor was probably a fine fellow for me? Telling another guy my penis was not working w\o sildenafil citrate 100mg (generic viagra), cialis (tadalafil) or other ed pills, just wasn’t going to happen. Answer = Female MD.

Maybe seeing a therapist about my problems with male doctors would have solved that problem but the solution was (as you say) a mental roadblock.

If one stops you from dealing with the other? Then I think you need to work that out first.

Intimacy – sex. Yes! So many couples are on edge because one wants the “intimacy” and is willing to do without the sex. The other side of the coin is the male thinking this is “rejection” of sex. Two people wanting the same thing but communications are faulty.

Anyway, thanks for the great post.

If the problem is being able to tell a male doctor about ED problems

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then you are compunding the problem. As far as I know, almost all urologists are male, and, believe me, you are just one of thousands with whome they discss sexuality problems. They have no personal interest whatsoever. They are trained to offer solutions, and, quite frankly, your penis is of no more importance to them than your prostate, bladder, or any other part of your urinary tract. If you want help I suggest you get over this block about male physicians. How old are you?

Hello fellow ED sufferers

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Drew, I’m 59 take far to many medications for BP, MS and a various number of other ailments. I’ve been reading this board for quite awhile but this is my first post. I’m somewhat concerned as well as confused.
My URO gave my a Rx for Trimix that consists of:

PGE1 5.88 ug/ml
Papaverine 18mg/ml
Phentolamine 0.6 mg/ml

Ordered same from a canadian pharmacy online that he recommended:
NFSNO Pharmacy in Toronto.

As per instructed we injected .1cc that was about 30 minutes ago and since I’m typing this post you should be aware that it didn’t work.

For the first few minutes my penis felt fuller but never achieved anything that I would call an erection and here I sit. If anyone has any idea’s why this happened we would be very appreciative since all I’ve really ever read about Trimix is that you’ll be able to hang your coat etc. etc.

Thank you in advance for any information,

I had leakage and this was the main reason

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pills and shots were not very effective. Most of us who have had an implant wish we had done it years ago! Read Bob Bacon’s blog at www.penileimplant.blogspot.com , scroll all the way down to the first entries and read his experiences with his implant. This blog is what helped me make the decision to get mine. And I am very glad I did!


I have the same problem (venous leak)

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and the top three urologist in NYC here advised me against it. It was done a while back, but that they had very little success in treating the problem long term.

As for going over seas to get operation, be very very cautious about that. first, you don’t know the quality of care you will get. second, a surgery like this would require alot of pre and post op visits, which could be inconvenient, expensive and impractical. If something goes wrong with the surgery, some type of negligence by the doctor that makes you worse, it’s really hard to effectively sue in a foreign jursidiction (i’m a lawyer)…

And, remember, anything surgical will be permanent, so make sure you understand exactly what goes on in the procedures, the risks and what you trade off and the gain you expect to get.

good luck

I’m from Memphis and, so far, I’ve not found

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a doctor here who will do the venous leak surgery. They all tell me they just don’t do that any more. But I’m interested because that’s the initial cause of my problem also. Where is the doctor abroad? If you find a physician who will do it please let me know and I’ll let you know if I find someone who will do the surgery also.

I’ve been told by my urologist that

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getting this done will only help for a little while, that is if it works. Finding the leaky blood vesels is very hard to do to start with, and their is no way to find them all, so My urologist said its a waste of time for me to try it. I’ve gotthe same problem, and he said that even if I got back a normal hard on, after a while the blood vesals will find another path around the one’s he fixed and, bingo, you’ve got a werse problem then you started with. After hearing this from 3 urologist’s, I decided to get an AMS 700 LGX implanted on March 6th.
One thing I thought of, if this really worked, why don’t most of the urologist’s do it? I really think that the few that do are just trying to make money, and then when it fails after a few months or years, they could say it was either your fault, or some other thing to shift the blaim from him. It should put up a red flag if you need to go abroad for something like this that if it really worked, most of the urologist’s would be doing it here in the states.
Tom K.